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  • Note, Access Restricted means you must request access via a project proposal or the hardware is restricted to administrative staff.
System NameDescriptionHostname(s)StatusService Date

Atos Quantum Learning Machine, Bull Bullion based system with 16x Intel E7-8890 v4, 6TB RAM

Access Restricted

  • atos00
In Service 

Nvidia DGX-1, 8x Nvidia V100 GPUs with NVlink,

Access Restricted (DGX-1 Queue)

  • dgx2
In Service 
dgx1Nvidia DGX-1, 8x Nvidia P100 GPUs with NVlink,
  • dgx1
Dedicated to a project 
SkylakeQty: 13 Intel S2600WF, (12 - 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8180M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 1 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8176 CPU @ 2.10GHz), 384GB RAM, Omni-path HCA, Intel P4500 1TB NVMe SSD, Intel P4800X 375GB NVMe Optane SSD
  • skylake00-12
In Service2018-01-18

NetApp EF560 and E5600, HP Apollo 2000, Mellanox EDR

Hosts GPFS jlse-fs0 700TB filesystem at /gpfs/jlse-fs0

Access Restricted


In Service 

Qty: 12 Intel Adam's Pass S7200AP, (10 - KNL 7210 64c 1.3Ghz, 2 KNL 7250), 192GB RAM, (2 - Samsung 128GB NVMe SSD), Omni-path HCA, 200GB SATA SSD

Access Restricted (Open Intel Resources)

  • knl00-11
In Service 
ItQty: 13 Intel HNS2600KPR, 2x E5-2699v4 22c 2.2Ghz, 128GB RAM, Omni-path HCA, 200GB SATA SSD
  • it00-12
In Service2016-05-25
GomezQty: 5 - SuperMicro 4048B-TR4FT, 4 Socket - Intel Haswell-EX E7-8867v3 16c 2.5Ghz. 1TB RAM, Mellanox EDR HCA, Omni-path HCA, 200GB SATA SSD
  • gomez00-04
In Service2016-05-25

Qty: 6 - IBM x3650 M4, previously IBM GSS file servers, now for Lustre testbed

Access Restricted

  • pugsley-mds0-1
  • pugsley-oss0-3
Waiting on provisioning 
FirestoneQty: 1 - IBM S822LC, OpenPower, Power8 10c 2.92Ghz, Mellanox EDR, Nvidia K80 GPU, Qty: 2 - 400GB SATA SSD, 128GB RAM
  • firestone
In Service2016-04-11

Qty: 1 - IBM x3650 M4, Qty 2: 40GbE DTN Testbed.

Access Restricted

  • tubes2
In Service2016-02-05
Petrel v2

Qty: 1 - IBM ESS GL6, 2PB raw, 1.6PB GPFS, 10xFDR10 Vesta Fabric connectivity

Qty: 2 - Intel HNS2600KPF, E5-1660v3, 4-Nodes in 2RU chassis, 1x40GbE WAN, 1xQDR for GPFS.


Access Restricted

  • petrel1-2
  • petrelmgmt1
  • petreldtn1-8
In Service2016-01-22

Qty: 1 - Intel R1208W2GS, production JLSE Monitoring server

Access Restricted

  • fester
In Service2016-08-01

Qty: 2 AppliedMicro X-C1 Development Kit Plus (X-Gene ARM64),


  • mustang00-01
In Service 2015-02-06
ThingQty: 8 - SuperMicro X10DRi, Intel Haswell-EP E5-2699v3, 128GB RAM, Mellanox EDR, 200GB SATA SSD, 4RU
  • thing00-07
In Service, Thing00 & 07 dedicated to projects2014-12-12

DataOn CiB-9740 (GPFS Testbed)

Access Restricted

  • mutt
  • jeff
In Service2015-08-28
MaudSuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF, 2x E5-2687W 8c 3.4Ghz, 64GB RAM, Mellanox FDR (FDR10), Qty: 1 - Nvidia P100
  • maud
In Service


NeddySuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF, 2x E5-2687W 8c 3.4Ghz, 64GB RAM, Mellanox FDR (FDR10), Qty: 1 - Nvidia P100
  • neddy
In Service


LucieSuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF
  • lucie
Dedicated to a project


RuthSuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF
  • ruth
Dedicated to project


JennySuperMicro SuperServer 7047GR-TPRF
  • jenny
Dedicated to project2014-05-09
DowdIBM Power 740 Express (8205-E6D)
  • dowd
In Service



IBM x3550 M4 (Production Service Node)

Access Restricted

 In Service2013-11-12

IBM x3550 M4 (Production Service Node)

Access Restricted

 In Service2013-11-12
jlselogin1IBM x3550 M4 (Production Login Node) In Service2013-11-12
jlselogin2IBM x3550 M4 (Production Login Node) In Service2013-11-12
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