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Rosie Build Pictures


Testing SuperMicro CSE-PTJBOD-CB2 Jbod Power Board and Power Supply. This power board switches the power supply on when power is applied. It also provides fan power and LED headers. The power board was eventually moved into the left drive bay.


Unpacking and testing out how standoffs will work.


First stack of 4 Jetson Tegra TK1 boards put together. Syba mPCIe cards installed.


Powered up two stacks using custom power cables. Mocking up where the remaining two stacks of Jetson Tegra TK1 boards will be located.


Closeup of custom 8-pin Mollex PCIe to DC-barrel 12v power cables.


Ultra-thin Cat6 cables bundled and routed out of the chassis. Rear panel of the chassis is removed to allow for easier cable routing.


Back of racked chassis showing all 16 Cat6 cable managed and plugged into a Brocade ICX6610. System powered up.

Bare Rosewill chassis with only the power supply installed.

More parts unpacked. Small mPCIe cards are Syba SD-MPE24031 GbE NICs.The white pigtails are 10-pin to 8P8C (RJ45) adapters that came with the Syba cards. We ended up not using the pigtails, and the Syba cards while installed are not cabled.

All 4 stacks Jetson Tegra TK1 assembled.

5.5mm DC Barrel pigtails used to create custom DC Barrel to 8-pin PCIe-style Mollex 12v cables.

First time powering up all 16 boards via the custom power cables.

System racked in a JLSE rack.

Closeup through back panel of chassis. Shows some weather stripping that was used to remove the sharp edges where the Cat6 leaves the chassis.

Rosie Parts List

ItemDescriptionMfg Part #QtyNotes
Jetson TK1 Development Kit 940-7R375-0001-00016

Rosewill RSV-L4500 Chassis


Rosewill RSV-R26LX 26" 3-sections Ball Bearing Sliding Rail Kit




Rosewill HERCULES-1600 1600W ATX Power Supply



11600W is overkill for this project.

SuperMicro CSE-PTJBOD-CB2 Jbod Power Board




COUGAR CF-V12HPB Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (Fluid) 300,000 Hours 12CM Silent Cooling Fan with Pulse Width Modulation (Black)

 CF-V12HPB6Chassis comes with fans, but have 4-pin Mollex power connectors.

Silverstone CPF02 11.81" 300mm (100mm/100mm/100mm) Black Sleeved One-to-Three PWM Fan Splitter

 CPF022JBOD Power Board only has two fan headers, splitters needed to power all the fans.

Syba SD-MPE24031 Gigabit Ethernet Card

 SD-MPE2403116Installed but not wired
Video Products Inc. CAT6 Ultra Super Flat Cables - 5 ft CAT6-USF-5-BLACK16
Mollex CONN TERM SOCKET 18-20AWG GOLDPins for 8-pin receptacle046018154132Digi-Key Part # WM6276CT-ND
Mollex CONN RECEPT 8POS DUAL8-pin (2x4) Mini-Fit Jr 5557 Series - Receptacle00390120808Digi-Key Part # WM3703-ND
Tensility CBL ASSY M R/A 2.1MM 6' 18 AWGDC Barrel 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD Pigtail10-0106516Digi-Key Part # 839-1167-ND
Mollex TOOL HAND CRIMP 16-24AWG 06381909001Digi-Key Part # WM9026-ND, crimper for Mollex connectors.
McMaster-Carr Hex Locknut, 4­40 Thread Size, 1/4" Width, 9/64" Height, pack of 100 90631A0051Used to secure back of standoffs to motherboard tray

McMaster-Carr Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 2-56 Thread, 3/16" Length, packs of 100



1Used to secure Syba mPCIe card

McMaster-Carr SAE Flat Washer, Number 2 Screw Size, 7/32" OD, .01"-.03" Thick, packs of 100



1Spacer between mPCIe card and standoffs on Jetson board, 8-pin header through holes on Syba mPCIe are too long.

McMaster-Carr Male­-Female Thread Hex Standoff, 1/4" Hex, 1/4" Length, 4­40 Screw Size 



16Standoffs between bottom Jetson board and motherboard tray.

McMaster-Carr Male­-Female Thread Hex Standoff, 1/4" Hex, 1­1/4" Length, 4­40 Screw Size 



48Standoffs between Jetson boards in 4 high stacks.

McMaster-Carr Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 4­40 Thread, 3/16" Length, packs of 100 



1Screws to attach the top Jetson board in the stack.



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